About us

Our School started at 2005 as a pre-school with 18 students. Now we provide education for 170 students. Apart of the education we provide a safe place to for the children in our community by ensuring a safe environment. We are cooperating with the nyendo since 2009. Nyendo provide the pay of our teachers in November 2017 and January 2018.


In march 2018 we painted our classrooms. To ensure single rooms for every grade, we separated big rooms with wooden walls.


Our biggest challenge is to ensure the payment for the rent of the school premises the school and the teachers. Many of our parents are not able to pay the fees of the school, therefore we are in permanent need of money. The premises of our school is flooded during the rainy season, due to this fact many children have trouble attending the school.

Our Staff

Christine Shisanya

Head Teacher

James Sirima

Deputy Head Teacher

Faith Mambiala